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25-26/? times hoseok makes me ajhdskaf;

Anonymous said: sorry for my english. it seems like i confused you a lot (that asian-usa, asian-asia message). i'm still struggling with learning english and people telling me "are you stupid? speak english" (not you, just native speakers in general) on the internet don't really help. i'll try to word my thoughts differently

what firstly no way your english is flawless it was just me getting confused about all the asians in those sentences xD it was purely me ok. secondly thats really mean of people to say that, i’m sure the majority of them can’t speak another language so well. don’t take it to heart they’re just poops


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First I need to say thanks to all my spanish girls who are share with me the feeling of being an ARMY and spanish at the same time. Seriously , is the best when I can fangirl in my own language lol : mingloss , bangtanxk , sangw-n , jungoreo .

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Anonymous said: "#I know they have a lot of intl fans but is this true" i think the person means asians living in asia and not in the usa or any non-asian country. because yes, bangtan has more intl fans than asian fans (that live in asia). they have lots of asian fans living in english speaking countries like usa

i had to read this like 4 times before i got it lol but i see now thank you for clearing it up!! c:

If Yoongi was your boyfriend for x and x

the truth behind bangtan’s manly men

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